Tangier is a coastal north Moroccan city overlooking the Gibraltar Strait.

The City is an example of Modern Morocco with a clear North African, Arabian and Andalusian influence.
This makes it one of the richest cities with beauty, culture and history.

Tangier was an International Zone from 1912 to 1956 and became the destination for many European and American spies, writers, artists and musicians.

Tangier has without any doubt a unique feel you won't find elsewhere in Morocco.


Social event tour & Dinner 08 Oct 2024


Today you’re going to explore the Moroccan port city of Tangier and its surroundings.

On a panoramic drive along the coastline of the city, you will be driven to the the historic old town, called de Medina with narrow, winding streets and alleys enclosed within a stone wall, accessible via various gates.

Certified guides will take you on a walking tour journey through this ancient part of Tangier.

See many of the landmark locations and get a good taste of the rich history. A history and beauty as magnet to artists such as Delacroix and international influencers as Malcom Forbes.

Enjoy a break while sipping the famous Moroccan mint tea overlooking Tangier bay.

Today your journey will also take you to the Caves of Hercules, one of the most popular local attractions. And also, to Cap Spartel overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar.

A Moroccan Themed dinner will make your day complete.

In a fabulous Moroccan setting, you will enjoy fine Moroccan cuisine. Whether you’re a picky eater or an adventurous foodie, you’ll be delighted with the food brought to your table. We also have a surprise in store 🙂

Social event at a glance

  • Walking tour ancient Medina
  • Local history, culture and architecture
  • Grande Mosque
  • Tangier Kasbah
  • Grand and Petite Socco
  • Saint Andrew’s English Church
  • Narrow streets and souks
  • Café Hafa.
  • Sip a tea on the terrace with panoramic views.
  • Surroundings Tangier
  • Cape Spartel
  • The Strait of Gibraltar
  • Hercules cave.
  • Moroccan-themed dinner Experience
  • Moroccan cuisine
  • Stunning architecture and interior design
  • Diverse musical rhythms
  • Internationally renowned traditional clothing.

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Tangier awaits you